Wednesday, March 15, 2006

DVD Releases - March 21

This week features some more Oscar-nominated fare along with multiple TV season releases. There’s quite a bit of variety in this week’s offerings overall, so here are some highlights (maybe a matter of opinion) for March 21:

“Bewitched: Season 3” - The popular sitcom’s first color season features 33 episodes on four discs. Samantha (Elizabeth Montgomery), Darrin (Dick York) and Endora (Agnes Moorehead) are back, with new baby Tabitha showing off witchcraft powers of her own.
Extras: Evidently, Samantha made them all disappear, as there are none.

“Capote” (R) - Oscar-winner Philip Seymour Hoffman gives a sensational performance as the title character in this examination of author Truman Capote’s research and subsequent writing of the classic non-fiction book “In Cold Blood.” Oscar nominee Catherine Keener, Clifton Collins Jr. and Chris Cooper co-star in the drama nominated for five Academy Awards.
Extras: Commentary with Hoffman and director Bennett Miller, commentary with Miller and cinematographer Adam Kimmel, a Truman Capote documentary, and two behind the scenes documentaries.

“Chicken Little” (G) - Disney made its first significant foray into computer animation without Pixar in this fairly popular movie about the chicken who thought the sky was falling. However, critical response to it was mixed, at best, and the box office receipts weren’t as strong as hoped by the studio. Their recent expensive buyout of Pixar means the studio should likely stay solidly on top of the computer animation heap for a long time.
Extras: Making of featurette, deleted scenes, an interactive game and music videos.

“Derailed” (Unrated) - Jennifer Aniston takes a dark turn away from “Friends” by starring in a thriller with Clive Owen. The two stars play strangers who meet on a commuter train and have a one-night stand that leads to dangerous consequences for both. The movie didn’t seem to make an impact on critics or audiences, and is one that Aniston and Owen will probably quickly put behind them.
Extras: Deleted scenes and a making of featurette.

“Dreamer: Inspired by a True Story” (PG) - Dakota Fanning continues her career ascension to becoming the most powerful pre-teen in America, co-starring in this family drama about the bonding between a father and daughter, thanks to an inspiring horse. There’s likely few surprises in the movie, co-starring Kurt Russell and Elizabeth Shue, but those who can’t get enough out of Fanning (who seems intelligent and poised well beyond her 11 years of age) should be satisfied.
Extras: Commentary, deleted scenes and multiple featurettes.

“Paradise Now” (PG-13) - Two Palestinian friends are recruited for a suicide bombing strike against Tel Aviv and spend their last days together, comtemplating their past and seemingly short future. Oscar-nominated for best foreign film, “Paradise Now” examines the Palestinian/Israeli conflict on a very small scale, written and directed by Hany Abu-Assad.
Extras: None.

“Roseanne: Season 3” - The third season of the Conner family’s exploits features 25 episodes and numerous guest stars, including Martin Mull, Ned Beatty, Shelley Winters and some guy named Leonardo DiCaprio.
Extras: Interviews with cast members Laurie Metcalf and Lecy Goranson, best of season clips.

“The Squid and the Whale: Special Edition” (R) - A two-time winner at the 2005 Sundance Film Festival, writer-director Noah Baumbach’s independent comedy-drama snagged a best original screenplay Oscar nomination, not to mention lots of critical praise. Jeff Daniels and Laura Linney star as a couple whose marriage is falling apart and their two children are inevitably drawn into the conflict.
Extras: Commentary with Baumbach, behind-the-scenes featurette.

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