Monday, May 15, 2006

DVD Releases - May 16

A generally light selection marks the releases this week, with TV shows having a lesser presence than recent weeks. But some disappointing movies and the seemingly inevitable repackaged film of the week are among the notables for May 16.

“Doogal” (G) - Evidently, this film is not intended as an instrument of torture. Rather, it’s some introduction to Americans of an old French animated creation that was quite popular on British television. So now we are being subjected to the film that was hacked to pieces by critics. Jon Stewart, who is part of the solid vocal talent for the movie, even made fun of it on “The Daily Show.” But, perhaps if your children have been misbehaving, this might be just the ticket.
Extras: A making of featurette and that’s it.
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“Hill Street Blues: Season 2” - The groundbreaking show that inspired many of the law and order shows now on TV, such as ... well, “Law and Order,” is back for a three-disc collection of its second season. The show’s ensemble cast helped contribute to the show’s huge award haul during its run, which included four Emmys for outstanding drama.
Extras: Commentary on a pair of episodes, several featurettes, including ones titled “Confessions of Captain Freedom” and “Belker Unleashed,” if those mean anything to you.
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“Napoleon Dynamite: Like, the Best Special Edition Ever!” (PG) - With the filmmakers of “Napoleon Dynamite” conveniently having a new movie coming out next month (“Nacho Libre”), here’s another release of the oddly likable comedy. In most cases, these quickie special editions are usually anything but special. But this one just might be bucking that trend.
Extras: Commentary with director/co-writer Jared Hess, producer Jeremy Coon and actors Jon Heder, Aaron Ruell, Efren Ramirez, Jon Gries and Tina Majorino; deleted scenes with commentary; all new outtakes and audition clips; several featurettes and an original short film with commentary from Hess, Coon and Heder.
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“The Producers” (PG-13) - To be honest, I loved the 1968 Mel Brooks original film and didn’t think a remake was necessary. But the Broadway musical was beloved by audiences and critics, so it was hard to fault the decision to adapt it for the big screen. And with a cast that includes Nathan Lane, Matthew Broderick, Uma Thurman and Will Ferrell, how could it not be great? However, audiences generally seemed to stay away from it in theaters; will the same trend play out on DVD?
Extras: Commentary with director Susan Stroman, deleted scenes, outtakes and analysis of a scene.
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