Tuesday, June 13, 2006

DVD Releases - June 13

Some TV shows make their debut on DVD this week, while some overlooked movies hope to find a new audience, beginning this week. Here are a few of the many June 13 releases:

“16 Blocks” (PG-13) - Bruce Willis plays (surprise) a burned-out New York cop forced to escort a prosecution witness (Mos Def) for a court trial. Complications ensue when he realizes this case involves the witness testifying against cops and is forced to protect him from his own department. Clearly, Willis is in his comfort zone with this pic, and director Richard Donner (“Lethal Weapon” series) knows a thing or two about delivering action.
Extras: Deleted scenes with commentary from Donner and screenwriter Richard Wenk, and an alternate ending.
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“Cheers: Season 8” - The eighth season of the hugely popular NBC sitcom probably makes the network misty-eyed thinking about the good old days when “Must See TV” actually stood for something. All 26 episodes of the season are featured.
Extras: Nope, this beer tap is dry on that.
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“Dave Chappelle’s Block Party” (UR) - It’s like “Chappelle’s Show,” only you have to pay to see it now. Actually, this mix of sketch and standup comedy, along with music from West and the reunited Fugees, didn’t catch on in theaters for Chappelle and director Michel Gondry, despite wide critical acclaim. Perhaps an unrated version of the feature will take off in sales, in much the same way the seasons of Chappelle’s now defunct Comedy Central show did.
Extras: Extended music acts, and a couple of featurettes on the making of the film.
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“Dharma & Greg: Season 1” - Forget the poorly received sitcom of hers that just got axed on CBS, Jenna Elfman was a real standout in this ABC show about a seemingly mismatched couple married in San Francisco. This show was actually quite entertaining until it started running out of ideas in its later seasons. Thomas Gibson co-stars, in case you were wondering who Greg was.
Extras: Commentary on select episodes from Elfman, Mimi Kennedy and Alan Rachins, a featurette, and an interactive game.
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“Frasier: Season 8” - It’s Kelsey Grammar again! The eighth season of “Cheers” wasn’t good enough for him this week, so here comes season eight from his spin-off show that wasn’t too shabby of a performer for NBC, in its own right. All 22 episodes of the series’ Emmy-award winning season are here.
Extras: The doctor appears to be out in regards to this area. Try back again later.
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“Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” (R) - Probably the most unfairly overlooked film of the year, “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” stars a very game cast headed up by Robert Downey Jr., Val Kilmer and Michelle Monaghan. Writer-director Shane Black spins a twisty film noir that takes action movie conventions and has fun with them. Fun is the operative word here.
Extras: Commentary with Downey Jr., Kilmer and Black, as well as a gag reel.
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“Medium: Season 1” - Yes, yes, Alison Dubois (Patricia Arquette) can see dead people in the hit NBC drama about a psychic helping crack criminal cases for the Phoenix District Attorney’s office. Yep, it’s pretty far fetched, but Arquette has certainly achieved some notoriety for her role, having earned an Emmy for best actress.
Extras: Cast and crew commentaries on select episodes, deleted scenes, several featurettes, gag reel and an extended version of the pilot.
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“The Pink Panther” (PG) - I generally really like Steve Martin and Kevin Kline, yet filling the shoes of Peter Sellers and Herbert Lom in the roles of Inspector Clouseau and Chief Inspector Dreyfus is a very tall order – and an unnecessary one. Critics generally lambasted the movie, but audiences still went to see it. Hence, a sequel is in the works. If you enjoyed the original “Pink Panther” movies, then there’s really no reason to see this.
Extras: Deleted scenes with director’s commentary, alternate opening sequence, several featurettes, a documentary and commentary with director Shawn Levy.
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“Walker Texas Ranger: Season 1” - Playing the title character, Chuck Norris takes every opportunity to go ballistic on the villains, using his martial arts abilities over his gun. Isn’t that just like every Texas Ranger out there? All 26 episodes from the first season are featured, so you can create your own highlight reel to show off at a moment’s notice, just like Conan O’Brien.
Extras: Just like the number of Emmy awards this show earned during its run: 0
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