Sunday, July 16, 2006

DVD Releases - July 11

Yes, the weekly new DVD release update is behind schedule. But please refrain from throwing any garbage at me, as I’ve just been behind with the schedule – a situation that will probably repeat itself this week, due to time constraints. However, I’ll be back on track with the updates soon. Until then, enjoy a look back at the (somewhat questionable) highlights of July 11:

“Basic Instinct 2” (R) - OK, so the movie was panned by critics and laid a rotten egg at the box office when it crashed and burned in movie theaters earlier this year, there’s still a morbid fascination that some people will have in wanting to see this unnecessary sequel to the 1992 hit film. Sharon Stone is the only one returning from the original, showing that resurrecting a career ain’t such an easy chore.
Extras: Commentary from director Michael Caton-Jones, behind-the-scenes featurette.
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“ER: Season 5” - The hit NBC medical drama probably hit its popularity peak around this time, with the 22-episode fifth season marking the last one for George Clooney. Much of the rest of the cast would remain intact for season six, but Clooney would never be heard from again. (Oh wait, I guess there was that Academy Awards stuff earlier this year. Almost forgot.)
Extras: Outtakes and a gag reel.
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“I Dream of Jeanie: Season 2” - The wacky adventures of Jeanie and her master, astronaut Captain Tony Nelson continue in its second season. A total of 31 episodes are featured, with guest stars including Sammy Davis Jr. and Paul Lynde, among others.
Extras: Jeanie must have made them all disappear, as there is nothing to see here.
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“Reno 911: Season 3” - This underrated comedy show about a pathetic police department in Reno, Nev., is now airing its new season on Comedy Central. It stars a number of cast members from the old MTV comedy show, “The State.” Now where is that show on DVD?
Extras: Numerous extended outtakes, action figure promos (!) and audio commentary from cast and crew.
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“Weeds: Season 1” - The great Mary-Louise Parker snagged a Golden Globe win for her portrayal of a suburban mom who turns to selling pot to maintain her financial standing in this Showtime comedy (yes, it’s a comedy, albeit a dark one). It also stars Kevin Nealon and Elizabeth Perkins
Extras: Commentary on select episodes from cast and crew, outtakes, a marijuana mocumentary, and multiple featurettes.
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