Sunday, May 06, 2007

Good Decision, Bad Decision

Here He Comes
Matthew Fox, from ABC’s “Lost,” is the latest actor scooped up for the upcoming live action update of “Speed Racer,” the cheesy 1960s reworking of the original Japanese cartoon. The pic is being produced by Joel Silver with writing and directing duties falling to Larry and Andy Wachowski (“The Matrix”).

Fox will be portraying Racer X, who as all fans of the show will remember, is a rival racer and secretly the brother of Speed, who will be played by Emile Hirsch. Christina Ricci, Susan Sarandon and John Goodman are also on board as cast members. So who will be portraying the ever-annoying Spritle and Chim-Chim?

Filming for the movie is set to begin in Berlin this summer, with Warner Bros. Pictures aiming at a May 2008 opening.

‘All of Me’ All Over Again?
From the unnecessary remake department comes the report from Variety that New Line Cinema has signed Queen Latifah to head up the cast of “All of Me,” a remake of the hit 1984 comedy starring Steven Martin and Lily Tomlin.

One would assume Latifah will be portraying Tomlin’s role, although the role originally taken on by Martin has not been cast yet, apparently. Latifah will also act as executive producer.

In the original, Tomlin played a dying heiress whose soul is accidentally transferred into the body of an attorney, played by Martin. The 1984 film, directed by Carl Reiner, was a very funny vehicle for two talented actors and comedians that really has no business being remade. Latifah has even co-starred with Martin in a movie (“Bringing Down the House”), so why remake what was one of his best films?

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