Saturday, September 11, 2010

Ebert's back 'At the Movies'

Anyone who ever watched the old “At the Movies” shows with Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel, and later Richard Roeper, after Siskel’s death, should be pleased to know that Ebert will be bringing back a new form of the film criticism show in January 2011 to PBS. Ebert, who has faced a myriad of health issues in recent years that prevented him from returning to the show he helped co-host for so many years, will co-produce “Roger Ebert Presents … At the Movies” along with his wife, Chaz. Ebert will be a regular contributor to the show, but will leave the primary criticism of the new movies in release to Christy Lemire, The Assoicated Press’ film critic and Elvis Mitchell, with National Public Radio, and former film critic at The New York Times.

Below are excerpts from the pilot episode, which provides a good look at the show’s general format. It’s only fitting that the little show that started on PBS and helped make popular TV personalities of Siskel and Ebert would return to its old home. It will be a welcome sight, to be sure.

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