Sunday, January 21, 2007

DVD Releases - Jan. 23

“The Guardian” (PG-13) - Kutcher looks to take another step away from Kelso, his doofus character he played for several seasons on TV’s “That ‘70’s Show,” with this action pic about Coast Guard rescue swimmers. Playing a young hotshot (imagine that!) training under Costner, the film will draw the inevitable “Top Gun”-type comparisons. Andrew Davis (“The Fugitive”) directs this film that was a modest box office success.
Extras: Commentary with Davis and screenwriter Ron L. Brinkerhoff, deleted scenes, an alternate ending and a tribute to real-life Coast Guard rescuers.
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“Jesus Camp” (PG-13) - Documentary filmmakers Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady follow the story of three youngsters who go to Pastor Becky Fischer’s “Kids on Fire Summer Camp” in North Dakota, which teaches kids to become dedicated Christians in “God’s army.” The film examines the training ground that turns born-again Christian children into active participants in the future direction of America.
Extras: Deleted scenes and commentary with Ewing and Grady.
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“Saw III” (R/Unrated) - For the third straight year, the nasty villain Jigsaw returned to theaters with a box office hit. The horror franchise seems to be showing little signs of slowing down, despite the glut of horror movies hitting the market every month.
Extras: Multiple commentary tracks, deleted scenes and several featurettes.
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“Sherrybaby” (R) - Maggie Gyllenhaal received rave reviews for her performance as a recovering drug addict fresh out of prison attempting to get her life going in the right direction. With a 5-year-old daughter to raise, she finds changing her life for the better a greater challenge than originally anticipated.
Extras: Nothing, baby.
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“This Film is Not Yet Rated” (Unrated) - In this entertaining and provocative documentary, filmmaker Kirby Dick takes aim at the ratings board of the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) and its seemingly subjective form of censorship. Filled with interviews of other filmmakers who’ve tangled with the MPAA, Dick also employs the use of a private detective to uncover the identities of the board members, heretofore a clandestine group.
Extras: Apparently none.
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